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API v2 by Lotodicas

This API provides results for the Brazilian lotteries.

Get a token

We will email you a token.

Available endpoints (free)

Where :lottery is one of lotofacil, mega_sena, quina, dupla_sena, lotomania, timenania, dia_de_sorte

GET https://www.lotodicas.com.br/api/v2/:lottery/results/last?token=:token

Last result of a lottery

GET https://www.lotodicas.com.br/api/v2/:lottery/results/:number?token=:token

Result of contest :number of a lottery

Realtime results and other lotteries

We also provide realtime results for the Brazilian lotteries.

We also provide endpoints for lotteries loteca, lotogol, and federal as a premium service.

Please, request us to enable your token to access those endpoints and retrieve realtime results.

This service costs USD 20 / month or BRL 80 / month.


Please, request support through support@lotodicas.com.br


How fast can I request?

For the free API, you can make up to one request every 10 seconds.

What about API v1?

It is deprecated and will no longer work after Jan 1st 2020.